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Plus Size Shopping.

Plus Size Model Measurements 2

Okay, so I’ve noticed that one of the hardest things about being a plus size girl, is finding something to wear that you feel comfortable in and also look good in.

I haven’t been a size 8 for a loooong time, and I’ll probably never be one again, but I am completely fine with that, I currently have clothes in my wardrobe starting at size 10 and going up to size 16, because my weight constantly changes, I lose weight in summer, and gain it again in winter, so I know first hand what its like having to look for plus size clothes.

Plus size is generally from size 16 and up.

But hopefully my advice will help you plus size chickys be more comfortable in your own skin, and wear EXACTLY what you want to.

1.There are no rules! We all know the ridiculous rules there are when in comes to plus size clothes shopping, there is absolutely no point in following these rules. If you see something and you like it, even you think it might not suit your body type/size. You may be presently suprised

.img_5031Like, seriously, whoever said “Plus size women shouldn’t wear tight clothes” obviously had no idea! I think she looks amazing!

img-thingAnd every woman should own a bikini, plus size women look HOT in bikinis!

2. Try the size below! You’d be amazed how many clothes a size or two below yours will fit because of the cut, material etc. If you find clothes smaller than your usual size, that fit perfectly, it will raise your self confidence so much, but also, do not be discouraged if the first dress you try doesn’t fit, that just means you get to shop for longer, and who doesn’t love to shop!?

3. You don’t need to follow trends to look amazing! Trends come and go, and then your left with all these clothes you’ll probably never wear again, whats the good in that? Find your own style, personally, I love the whole 1940’s pin up/rockabilly style, and it just looks a million times better on plus size girls. So start shopping, and mix and match until you find something that expresses who you really are.

4. Don’t stress! These things take time, for everyone, not just plus size girls. So stay calm, even if you can’t find anything you like, because eventually you’ll find something so perfect, and amazing, that it’ll make it all worth it.

Okay, so that’s all I’ve got for right now, don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or whatever.

Stay beautiful. xo

Hi Guys!

Hey everyone!

I’m here because I want to help, I want to inspire.

I see the way a lot of teenage girls dress these days, and majority of them look exactly the same. What happened to when no two teenage girls looked the same?

I know, i know, i must sound so old right now, but honestly, I’m only 21. I’m not far off being a teen still myself.

I am not here to put anyone down, or tell you what you can and can’t wear. I’m hear to help you, you want boys to respect you right? and for them to treat you properly? you want your parents to trust you? Start with the way you dress! Your clothes, shoes, makeup, hair and nails will help you gain the respect and trust you deserve.

By wearing pants that your butt is nearly hanging out of, you are not leaving much to the imagination, and it is helping males to see you as an object, rather than a person.

Changing your hair and clothes is easy, and if you look good, you will feel good, so by dressing the way you want, rather than conforming into society, you will help to boost your self-confidence, and trust me ladies, boys cannot resist a confident girl!!!


Anyway, if you ever, ever, need any advice, style help, anything, feel free to contact me at